The watcher

from by Everything Flows



“Acclaim your holy king”

Down on their knees
They pray this “god”
For his kindness
Weakening of minds
He crushes their spirit
You’ve never existed

I’m scared for my family,
I’m scared for my friends,
I’m scared for the one I love,
I lost my bearings

I care for my family,
I care for my friends,
I care for the one I love,
Is The Almighty real?

Hearing is conscience
No more forgiveness
No God above his head,
Only a rush in his veins

Hell is grawling


from Aphelion, track released March 16, 2017




Everything Flows Lille, France

Everything Flows is a french post-metal band formed in 2014. We create progressive music that alternates loud riffs and atmospheric sections.

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